10 Actors Who Are Lucky To Be Alive After An Acting Role

10 Actors Who Are Lucky To Be Alive After An Acting Role

movies can at times seem so flawless and perfect but things don't always go according to plan nor do we always see and hear what happens when the cameras aren't rolling method actors transform their bodies and sake of portraying the character and sometimes go too far props fail and sickness can almost lead to death be sure to LIKE and hit the red subscribe button below if you haven't already join our notification squad to watch more videos just like this in our playlist ok can you guess which movie this is based off of these emojis stay tuned to find out shortly after the video Ashton Kutcher jabs most remember Ashton Kutcher as the idiotic good-looking guy from that 70s show or as the co-creator of the MTV hidden-camera show Punk'd when he was chosen to portray the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs Ashton went all-in and really got in the character if I do say so myself it's insanely cool now Kutcher is not considered a method actor some would go as far as saying that he isn't even an actor at all he gave it a shot and went on a fruitarian diet just like the real Steve Jobs getting that much into character didn't really work out so well for Kutcher he was hospitalized just before filming started for out-of-whack pancreas levels pretty scary considering Jobs died in 2011 after a long battle with pancreatic cancer Ashton is lucky his attempt at method acting didn't cause him any serious internal damage as well as a change in diet Kutcher also lost 18 pounds and personified jobs in other ways such as walking like him studying entrepreneurs he admired listened to music he liked and even walked around barefoot or wore Birkenstocks steve was an interesting man and Kutcher really wanted to delve deep into who the man was while not in the public eye Christian Bale The Machinist released in 2004 The Machinist starred Christian Bale who took on the role of you guessed it a machinist by the name of Trevor Reznik Trevor suffered from insomnia for over a year and began to doubt his own sanity after a workplace incident it was a psychological thriller in which Bale gave a stellar performance and was well received by critics Bale is well known for being a method actor and getting very into his characters to play the role bale drop down to 121 pounds losing more than 60 pounds to get there he looks so frail you can hardly even recognize much different than he has looked in any of his other films it is hard to imagine he was able to endure what he did especially with his bigger frame being basically nothing but skin and bones it looked as though he could collapse at any moment on screen it is quite the transformation going from that to becoming the Caped Crusader who was roughly 100 pounds heavier he loves what he does and wouldn't let something like transforming his body get in the way he is lucky that he was easily able to put back on the weight and stayed alive feat my enemy I extinguish his life and consume him as I consume these flames Daniel day-lewis gangs of new york another notorious method actor is none other than Daniel day-lewis to some it may have seen like day-lewis appeared out of nowhere starring in my left foot released in 1989 when he'd actually been in film since 1971 he always carefully chooses the characters he portrays and then executes them very well I drink your milkshake I drink it up most of the time he stays in character even when the cameras aren't rolling which is not an easy thing to do he took things a little too seriously in 2002 which almost cost him his life in his role of bill the butcher cutting an infamous gang leader in Martin Scorsese's gangs of new york day-lewis would only dress in clothes that encapsulated what others would wear in 1863 unfortunately since clothes were not made very well back then this led him to catching pneumonia he was so into the time period and his character he tried to fight through it considering there wasn't a treatment back then when he was told he would die if he didn't get medical treatment he finally caved in thankfully he listened to reason and got help otherwise we would be missing one of the greatest actors to ever grace the silver screen do one of you guys mind giving us a hand with our bags isla Fisher now you see me now you see me released in 2013 is about an FBI agent an Interpol detective who tracked a team of illusionists the illusionists heist banks during their performances then reward their audiences with the money each character has their own set of tricks up their sleeves and they all get a chance in the spotlight there is one scene where isla Fisher has to make a daring escape being chained in a water tank before piranhas are dropped on her head it is something like you may see from Harry Houdini mine is the flesh-eating fish the actress is in no way a magician and things went south quickly as she couldn't escape from her chain the chain became stuck and Fisher had to swim to the bottom of the tank while everyone thought she was doing such a great job of acting they didn't know she was actually drowning luckily the tank came equipped with a safety release switch which she flipped she then received help from a nearby stuntman and was able to get out Fisher is not cast in the second movie and it is a wonder if it is because of this one sequence gone wrong not a bad choice to back out if that's the case right what's your name dude Eastwood Clint Eastwood Michael J Fox Back to the Future Part three we're taking a trip back to the Old West for this one everyone loves the on-screen chemistry between the mad scientist Doc Brown and his young friend Marty McFly in the Back to the Future trilogy remember in Back to the Future Part 3 where Marty's being hung by Buford Mad Dog Tannen from the clock tower it looks pretty real don't you think well Great Scott it actually was believe it or not it's the only way to convincingly look like you're dying while being hung of course luckily doc cam to the rescue with a specially designed rifle shoot the fleas off the dog Fox had practiced the scene a few times while standing on a box but it wasn't working out quite right so he did one take without it his timing was a little off with how long it would take to finish the scene and he ended up passing out for 30 seconds which is about how long it took for anyone to notice he was unconscious luckily for Fox it wasn't any longer than that or that would have been one of the worst onset tragedies of all time everyone would have wished the DeLorean really was able to time-travel to fix that mistake so that's just alone Rocky for seeing Sylvester Stallone one of the stairs of the entrance to Philadelphia Museum of Art and rocky is one of the great scenes in cinema history whenever you hear I of the tiger you probably can't help but think of the Italian stallion Stallone's career almost came to an abrupt halt though during the making of rocky for most can agree that the fight scenes in rocky 4 were pretty stellar one reason is that Stallone and Lundgren were actually punching each other because the fake punching just wasn't cutting it for Stallone he decided it wasn't realistic enough and they need to start hitting each other for real it may have been a good idea to make the movie as realistic as possible but it nearly put stallone 6 feet under he told Lundgren to hit him as hard as he could for the final punch that knocks him down Lundgren followed orders and did just that he hit Stallone so hard his heart swelled and he had to spend 8 days in intensive care recovering from the monstrous hit he took Stallone later admitted that he shouldn't have asked Dolph to hit him so hard we would have to agree what do you think Tom Cruise the edge of tomorrow Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt starred in edge of tomorrow released in 2014 they are both soldiers fighting an alien race that has hit earth in a relentless assault Cruz plays an officer who has never seen a day in combat but then gets his chance when he is dropped into what turns out to be a suicide mission he is thrown into a time loop forcing him to live out the same fight over and over again you may be aware that Cruz likes to do most of his own stunts as many as he can when he almost died it actually wouldn't have been his fault but his co-stars she was driving a car in a scene with Tom in the passenger seat and things got a little out of control Emily was approaching a right-hand turn and Tom was muttering under his breath to break over and over again she did not brake hard enough and she drove them into a tree she was almost responsible for Tom Cruise's death you may have remembered the slogan for the movie live die repeat well Tom Cruise actually almost did die during the making of the film but he wouldn't have been able to repeat that day wholly you wouldn't believe what this guy was capable to do and believable Jason Statham Expendables 3 even though he had a real breakthrough being cast in to of Guy Ritchie's movies Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels as well as snatch Jason Statham is probably most notorious for his work in the transporter series he is one awesome action hero who loves to do his own stunts he did nearly all of his own in the original transporter released in 2002 including car chase sequences scuba diving sequences and fight scenes casting Jason Statham as part of the Expendables movie should have come as no surprise the movies feature a slew of action stars and he was in them from the beginning during the making of Expendables 3 doing his own stunts almost cost him his life the brakes on the truck he was driving for the film ended up failing it forced him to jump out of it as the truck plummeted into the sea if he didn't ditch the rig he would have gone down with its 60 feet below the surface if you didn't know Statham has done quite a lot with his life before settling on becoming an actor he was a diver for the British national diving team a black market salesman and a fashion model Halle Berry died another day James Bond is daring smart suave sophisticated and has lots of talents Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry co-starred in the Bond flick Die Another Day released in 2002 you think that if anyone was to come close to death in one of those action-heavy films it would happen in some crazy car chase or explosion however it was during an intimate moment that almost took Halle Berry's life while shooting one of the infamous romantic scenes between bond and his love interest jinx played by Barry she cut a piece of fig and place it in her mouth she then shared the fruit with him while they were kissing Barry caught up in the scene trying to seduce Pierce suddenly began to choke the lighting was so dark that no one else could tell what was happening fortunately Brosnan could sense something was the matter and performed the Heimlich maneuver potentially saving Halle Berry's life at first he was a little hesitant seeing as how they were both naked for the scene and was worried about putting his arms around her luckily he cast his fear aside and did it anyways how do you think you'd feel if you're put in that situation Emilia Clarke Breakfast at Tiffany's sudden health issues can be a massive scare especially if they are as serious as what Emilia Clarke went through four years ago not many people know this but the Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke who plays Daenerys Targaryen was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm in the spring of 2013 being only 26 years old that is a scary thing to fathom she was just finishing up a broadway stent of Breakfast at Tiffany's when she was admitted to the hospital Clarke was treated at the New York Presbyterian Weill Cornell Center in Manhattan she seems to have recovered well and we haven't seen a drop in performance from her on Game of Thrones no one really knows what the cause of the aneurysm was but we're glad that she is doing all right now Game of Thrones will continue airing on July 16th and once again we should be in for a real treat the beloved mother of dragons should be a so part of the storyline in this next season and luckily it will be Emilia Clarke who plays her did you have any idea these actors were so lucky to be alive after a role are there some that you thought of that we missed I know you'll works the answer to the movie emoji is well did you guess it correctly let us know in the comments below and don't forget to subscribe to our channel and watch other great videos from our playlist

40 thoughts on “10 Actors Who Are Lucky To Be Alive After An Acting Role

  1. Who tf would say ashton kutcher isn't a actor, he isnt a great actor but he's been damn good at points, not too many actors could pull the role off like he did on the 70s show

  2. How about Viggo Mortensen in The Lord of The Rings The Fellowship of the Ring when the Orc threw a knife straight at him and he was able to dodge it by swinging his sword?

  3. Good Lord, Emily Blunt could have killed Tom Cruise…babe, you had one shot, we would have all cheered you on. ;-;

  4. The guy who played Jesus in the Passion Of the Christ, had pneumonia, a dislocated shoulder, was struck by a cat of nine tails, and was struck by lightning, was not treated until they finished shooting, and had to be hospitalized for the pneumonia as well as receive heart surgery because of the lightning.

  5. Yeah….as if Emily is immortal and she did that on purpose……y'all don't know how to write scripts!!

  6. Emily Blunt was not to blame for the accident, and it's messed up to say she is. It's the director and stunt coodinator's responsibility to choreograph and rehearse stunts, and make sure actors are adequately qualified to preform them safely, or to use a professional stunt person instead. Delegating a dangerous job that risked both Tom's and Emily's lives to an actor who may not have been prepared was a mistake made by the people in charge

  7. "Didnt notice a drop in peformance from her in Game of Thrones"

    Maybe because it was bad to begin with, like the rest of the show ? (except for Stannis and Jamie, dont know the actors' names.)

  8. Can I just say if Tom wanted Emily to brake he should have said it louder then a mumble and also she could has died too not just him

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