100 thoughts on “주간아이돌 – (Weekly Idol EP.228) 트와이스 Twice ‘K-POP’ Cover Dance

  1. AOAの曲でナヨン姉が踊り始めた時にミナも前に出ようとしたけど出られずそれをチラリと見ていたモモがミナが踊りやすいように前に出てあげてるとこは一瞬だけど友情がすごくいい

  2. Ah, yes… the legendary random play dance. This was my gateway drug to Twice. After I watched this I just spiraled down the rabbit hole. What an interesting three years it has been 😆

  3. uwu. i love em all but one thing i noticed is minari. i missed the minari in this vid, who smiled a lot and wasn't afraid to get out of her comfort zone. but i still support and hoping for her successful recovery, so we can see ot9 again 💖

  4. AOAの歌のときナヨンオンニが踊ってミナも前に出ようとしたけどはずかしくて出られずそれを見たモモが自分が出てミナに踊りやすいようにした所は絆を感じる

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